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2 years ago

Plant Nursery

A plant nursery was established in Dr NS Bhatnagar’s farm in the village of Kheri Khurd for raising Rudraksh and Avocado plants. These plants are not very commonly available. The fruit of the Rudraksh tree is the much sought after. Rudraksh pods are used in religious and social activities.  Avocado plant originally comes from Mexico.  A few plants of both varieties were given by the ashram to INTACH for planting in Rudraprayag villages free of cost.  This area suffered severe damage in the calamity of 2013. We expect good results and propose to supply larger number of plants this year.



Avocado Saplings at the Nursery




Avocado Tree


Avocado Fruit


Avocado Harvest

Rudraksh Saplings



Plantation of avocado and Rudraksh at Rudraprayag

Some Plants at our Nursery

2 years ago

Kailashwati Verma Public School

In line with its objective of bringing affordable high standard education to all, particularly to children of economically weak families, and help deprived village children to compete with their urban counterparts, be it in education, competitive examinations or employment, the Ashram founded KWV Public School at Dr. Bhatnagar’s farm. The school is a small initial step to realise the vision of the Trustees, the vision being
(1) To provide top class education to children of all economic and social levels, to build up their confidence and help them make informed decisions.
(2) To bridge the gap between privileged and unprivileged children which can be done only by bringing them together and treating them as equals.
(3) To enable the below poverty level children also to attend school. The Ashram has, therefore, earmarked 50% seats for economically weaker sections – half of them to be allowed free-ships while the other half would pay only half the fee. The Ashram would also provide school uniforms free of cost to such students who are unable to pay for them.
(4) To inculcate in children the values which will help them become good, responsible citizens of the country, to develop in them wisdom and goodness and a sense of social responsibility.
(5) To encourage curiosity among children so that they may continue to learn new things throughout their lives, ask questions about what is happening around them.


In order to impart quality education to the students of KWV School, the school is fully equipped with the latest Educomp Smartboard and a Computer Lab.

Educomp Smart Board


Computer Lab


Activiity Room


Play area for Playgroup Students